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Old Terra returns with powerful and refined breaks in its new Ep ‘Interdimentrix’  which will be released soon on Fokus Global.


‘Interdimentrix’ is going to be released on January 25th, it’s the new material from New Yorker producer Nicolas Nocetti a.k.a Old Terra.

Curated and distributed by the Brooklyn-based label Fokus Global. This release includes five tracks that develop a liquid drum & bass sound, a combination of fast breaks and traveling atmospheres. Nicolas makes careful use of the beats captivating the listener immediately with their variations. He also creates subtle synth details by adding new dimensions to the rhythms. In addition, the calm and sometimes, extravagant pads layers, generate a perfect contrast.

Throughout this Ep, Old Terra also surprises us with jungle / techno transformations in the middle of these tracks, evolving from accelerated breakbeat to the classic “four on the floor”, a sonic resource that makes us feel solid ground within this floating history.

Close to the end, the track ‘Get You Open’ recalls -a bit- the origins of this style by adding an ‘MC’-type vocal by the Brooklyn-Based artist Griff Spex, returning somehow to the -still young- Jungle of the 90s.

Thanks to the kindness of  Fokus Global, you can below listen to the track ‘Iverson Loop’ as an exclusive preview of this Ep.

Old Terra - Iversonloop [Interdimentrix Preview] (Fokus Global)
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